Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the overlay of graphics onto a live video stream. The technology basically enhances people’s perception of reality.

The premise of this application is to augment images, audio and video on location, within the context of the place each story pertains to. Using a combination of free wireless internet, GPS positioning, live video streaming and overlays of historic photographs and audio narratives, we can bring to life a world of heritage & arts and display it to people via their own or hired mobile hardware.

Inside the Square_DARt Collective

None Gallery, Dunedin 2nd – 5th August: DARt Collective present new experimental work with Augmented Reality technology. The exhibition entitled “Inside the Square” featured a series of work enabling the audience to engage and experiment with a merging of iconography and electronic culture.The show explored the idea of product function with emphasis on the role [...]

First AR Arts Workshop_Dunedin March 2012

Thanks to funding from Creative NZ The Dunedin AR Collaborative hosted the first of ongoing workshops, informing the creation of AR Arts. It looked something like this:- Dunedin AR Art | workshop #1 from Dunedin ARt on Vimeo. There will be more. Check out the results of the August exhibition Inside the Square.

DiscovAR™: On Sale December 2011

An augmented reality (AR) application to help you explore places and DiscovAR™ the unseen. DiscovAR™ is a visual and chronological reference about places and people of note within Dunedin’s heritage, arts and culture. Like a window through time, you can view your surroundings, overlaid with photographs, video and audio narratives that tell the story of [...]

Dunedin AR Arts Collaborative

AR Arts workshop, Dunedin NZ.  Watch this space Congratulation Ted Whitaker on the successful funding application, with thanks to Creative New Zealand.    

The Future | Augmented Reality Cities

The May 14 edition of New Scientist magazine has listed Augmented Reality Cities as one of “Seven technologies to disrupt the next decade”. The article discussing future technology ideas, concepts and gadgets that are set to shake things up had this to say about AR:- “…AR is about to create a new layer over the [...]

Augmented Reality Arts: A guide to existing and upcoming exhibitions

Dunedin AR Arts Collaborative: Investigating new ways of working Over the past nine months we have investigated the new ways that mobile AR technology has been applied to engage new audiences with augmented reality art experiences.  The following is a collection of artists and exhibitions that inform our work with the Dunedin AR Arts collaborative. [...]

Venice Biennial 2011 AR Intervention by Cyberartist Group manifest.AR

Is Augmented Reality Arts really that radical or subversive? One leading group of cyberartists would have us believe so, taking action to infiltrate world renowned exhibition spaces around the globe. “…As “one of the world’s most important forums for the dissemination and ‘illumination’ about the current developments in international art” the 54th Biennial of Venice [...]

DiscovAR Dunedin | Premiere Augmented Reality Mobile App

A fun and engaging augmented reality app to help you discover and explore Dunedin’s Heritage & Arts Augmented Reality is the overlay of graphics onto a live video stream. Like a window through time, you can now use your iPhone to discover and explore Dunedin’s heritage & arts using a combination of free wireless internet,  [...]