Augmented Reality Arts: A guide to existing and upcoming exhibitions

Dunedin AR Arts Collaborative: Investigating new ways of working

Over the past nine months we have investigated the new ways that mobile AR technology has been applied to engage new audiences with augmented reality art experiences.  The following is a collection of artists and exhibitions that inform our work with the Dunedin AR Arts collaborative.

The PVI Collective ~ Transumer 17th Biennale of Sydney 2010 | Transumer by tactile media arts group PVI Collective presents important elements of AR art in terms of the use of – interactivity, space, time and archive – to provoke thought, ideas and challenge peoples perception of and relationship with urban spaces.

Using an iPhone and custom application the PVI Collective encouraged participants to ‘go F!*@k it up’ enabling participants to ‘tag’ information and ideas to a GPS location in an urban space.

The work was developed in collaboration with the HITLab NZ using state of the art interface technology and the expertise of their world-leading researchers.

AR Arts: The champions of an emerging art form

HITLab NZ have experience supporting and working with a number of  artists on AR works,  also including:

  • October 2005: Gavin Bishop and the Giant Jimmy Jones, AR Book
  • February 2011: Lynette Wallworth ~ The Transit of Venus, Adelaide Film Festival

HIT Lab NZ are supporting our work with The Dunedin AR Arts Collaborative towards a premiere outdoor AR Arts Exhibition for Dunedin City.

Pablo Valbuena began layering projected realities onto objects with his Augmented Sculpture in 2007 his works setting the stage for the growing range of AR Art works that are now emerging.

Helen Papagiannis is a designer, researcher and artist specializing in Augmented Reality (AR). In her recent Ted Talk she presents the strong case for developing experiences, highlighting the user experience and the sense of wonderment that the combination of art and technology can create.

Manifest.AR  | Cyber artists innovating and leading in the world of augmented reality arts

weAReinMOMA, AR Arts October 2010 ManifestAR They recently encapsulated their philosophy into the AR Art Manifesto. AR Art exhibitions have included:-

Follow their growing list of AR Art works @

Virtual Public Art Project | VPAP gave the world the first mobile AR outdoor art experience

Having exhibited temporary AR Art works amongst the Bushwick and MOMA projects their ongoing works include:

You can follow their growing collection of works at

BiggAR, the worlds largest interactive sculpture created by Sander Veenhof was launched on November 18th of 2010 at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Sander Veenhof a founding member of the cyberartisit group Manifest.AR, developed the art work comprised of almost 7.5 billion floating virtual blocks.

The blocks are moving away from the planet at at metre a day and will eventually disappear from sight yet until such time the interactive nature of the suspended boxes allows people to change the color ~ red yellow or blue ~ of the all blocks around the planet, simultaneously.

Truly expanding the limits of an arts audience the sculpture has currently been viewed in 111 countries. Search out Biggar using the Layar browser or check out the Biggar web presence to learn more.

COMING SOON | The Australian Centre of Visual Arts is seeking submissions for Australia’s first outdoor mobile 3D augmented reality art show to be staged in locations in Sydney and Melbourne. Check out the website below for submission details, the provisional deadline is 25 March. Get amongst!

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