Hocken Collections, Uare Taoka o Hākena, University of Otago

The Hocken, which has been open to the public since 1910, is now considered one of New Zealand’s foremost research collections. Located on the University of Otago’s Dunedin campus, the building contains a closed-stack library and a gallery where a dynamic programme of exhibitions showcase collection items. The Hocken collects material relating to the history [...]

Otago Settlers Museum

Established in 1898, the Otago Settlers Museum stands as one of New Zealand’s most significant social history museums, founded to mark the 50th anniversary of the settling of Dunedin. Located south of the Dunedin Railway Station it is an important part of the historic Queens Gardens precinct. In 2008, work began on a $38m building [...]

Venice Biennial 2011 AR Intervention by Cyberartist Group manifest.AR

Is Augmented Reality Arts really that radical or subversive? One leading group of cyberartists would have us believe so, taking action to infiltrate world renowned exhibition spaces around the globe. “…As “one of the world’s most important forums for the dissemination and ‘illumination’ about the current developments in international art” the 54th Biennial of Venice [...]

The Southern Heritage Trust

The Southern Heritage Trust is devoted to the appreciation and protection of Otago’s social, cultural, architectural and industrial heritage. In particular we research and publish heritage materials we set up and maintain heritage websites we collaborate with other agencies, groups and individuals in heritage activities we take upon ourselves an advocacy role in heritage matters [...]

DiscovAR Dunedin | Premiere Augmented Reality Mobile App

A fun and engaging augmented reality app to help you discover and explore Dunedin’s Heritage & Arts Augmented Reality is the overlay of graphics onto a live video stream. Like a window through time, you can now use your iPhone to discover and explore Dunedin’s heritage & arts using a combination of free wireless internet,  [...]

Temple Gallery

Temple Gallery, a leading fine art dealer gallery founded by Peter Duncan and Victoria Timpany. Temple Gallery started its life in 1864 as a Jewish synagogue, the southernmost in the world and now the oldest such building in New Zealand. For 111 years, from 1881 to 1992, it was a Masonic Hall, the meeting place [...]

The Distiller

Connect. Collaborate. Create. Repeat. The Distiller is a cluster of technopreneurs based in Dunedin founded by Jason Leong, Pierre-Emmanuel De La Bussiere, Tim Calder, James Wigglesworth and Francois Bondiguel. The Distiller aims to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition by providing an environment that encourages progress through knowledge sharing, networking, and cross-inspiration.

Presbyterian Support

Presbyterian Support provides a wide range of services to people across Otago. Family Works services help children and families in need and give them the skills for lasting change in their lives. We have seven rest homes and hospitals and a range of independent living options available including the brand-new Wanaka Retirement Village. Older people [...]

Tourism Dunedin

Tourism Dunedin is the marketing organisation for the greater Dunedin Area. To learn more about this great part of our planet please check out the website Dunedinnz.com One of 30 regional tourism organisations in New Zealand, Tourism Dunedin and works with the local tourism industry, businesses, event organisers, conference organisers, national and international media, trade [...]

Otago Polytechnic

Romantic Dunedin is an eHeritage project being developed in collaboration with the Otago Polytechnic. The proposed 360-degree, dynamic computer mapping project will be built on Kettle’s original plan for the city, but also contain digital modelling of the evolution of the city, from its earliest days to the present. For more info see computingforsustainability.wordpress.com

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