DiscovAR™: On Sale December 2011

An augmented reality (AR) application to help you explore places and DiscovAR™ the unseen.

DiscovAR™ is a visual and chronological reference about places and people of note within Dunedin’s heritage, arts and culture. Like a window through time, you can view your surroundings, overlaid with photographs, video and audio narratives that tell the story of our human endeavor. DiscovAR™ mode includes:-

  • AR navigation tools to help you locate, orientate and find your way around.
  • Interactive AR markers enable you to identify and access stories surrounding a landmark.
  • More than 450 different media items to delight, confound and inform.

From the early settler days of the 1840′s, through economic highs and war worried lows, see the rapid transformation of a city flush with Gold as told by it’s architecture and bear witness to modern feats of construction as well as demolition.

In some places the past melds nicely with the present while in many places it is difficult to recognise your location the way it once was. Relish the challenge of merging time and place and explore Dunedin at your own leisure, 24/7:-

  • Save time, search for locations and landmarks based on your interests and location
  • Save your mobile data allowance, tap into the free wireless hot spots available at selected locations.
  • Save and share the information you DiscovAR™.

Come visit, play & enjoy!

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