How To

Heritage and arts media contained in the DiscovAR™ application is currently only available for locations within Dunedin City.

How to view heritage and arts content:-

  1. Download and install the DiscovAR™ App.
  2. Allow DiscovAR™ to use your current location.
  3. Make your way to any of the locations identified by the map view & list view and then
  4. Connect to the free wireless DiscovAR™ network using your iPhone Settings > Wi-Fi > DiscovAR™ or where the DiscovAR™ network is unavailable, connect using one of the national 3G networks.
  5. Once on location and connected to a network use DiscovAR™ mode to navigate to landmarks.
  6. When you are near a landmark, tap on AR markers to load images, video and audio stories about your location.
  7. Save, share and keep exploring.

DiscovAR™ mode provides navigation tools – a compass and AR markers – to show distance and
direction to each landmark.

DiscovAR™ mode is accessed from

either the:-

  1. Main menu AR button or
  2. Blue “Start DiscovAR” button on each location or landmark description page

How to use the DiscovAR™ mode to navigate.

Use the compass and AR markers to

help you orientate, locate and move toward landmarks.

  • The compass displays landmarks as white dots.
  • The closer you are to a landmark the closer a white dot will be to the center of the compass and cross hairs.
  • Use the compass to orientate yourself in the direction of landmarks, holding your phone so that as you turn the highlighted “field of view” shifts with you.
  • Once a white dot falls within the “field of view”,floating AR markers become visible in the live video stream.
  • The AR markers are blue edged, floating boxes containing an image and description title of the landmark.
  • The closer you are to a landmark the larger the AR marker for that landmark will appear.
  • At close range, once AR markers are clearly identified you can choose to interact with them to load the media view for the surrounding area.

How to load, view and share media content.

  • Use DiscovAR™ mode to identify your closest AR marker.
  • Tap on the AR marker to load media view.

Once in media view

  • Move chronologically through media by swiping images or using the directional arrow buttons
  • Capture on screen content using the upper left, camera button.
  • Change the opacity of images using the lower left button to open the opacity slider
  • Save augmented media to you iPhone’s camera roll
  • Share augmented media via Facebook or email

About locations & landmarks: DiscovAR™ your surroundings.

  • Visible at distances beyond 500m, a location denotes an area within which landmarks are located i.e location: The Exchange,within which is the landmark: Cargill’s Monument
  • Each landmark is linked to heritage and arts media that tells a story of the surrounding area.
  • Landmarks are a vantage point, an approximation of the place from which images and video footage was originally captured,as opposed to being a collection of media about a landmark.

Locations and landmarks are pin pointed in three ways:-

  1. As a red marker point on the Map view
  2. As a description in the List view
  3. As a floating AR marker within DiscovAR™ mode

Out of Range

Navigate your way to a location or landmark in order to access the heritage and arts media.