The Future | Augmented Reality Cities

The May 14 edition of New Scientist magazine has listed Augmented Reality Cities as one of “Seven technologies to disrupt the next decade”.

The article discussing future technology ideas, concepts and gadgets that are set to shake things up had this to say about AR:-

“…AR is about to create a new layer over the cityscape by adding graphical information from apps and the internet onto objects in your field-of-view as you peer around. The cameras and enhanced glasses needed for AR are getting smaller, smarter and better designed, and may soon transform how we experience the space and objects around us…overall AR is likely to allow us to navigate through a richer, more vibrant world…”

Clearly this puts Dunedin City and the DiscovAR project at the leading edge of this future technology, something which our talented people, contributors and the New Zealand community can be proud of. The future is upon us.

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